Future proof staples

There comes a point in your fashion fix life when you have to choose your style. Easier said than done when your personal preference is Grace Kelly meets Ali MacGraw meets Jackie O meets Pippi Langstrumpf (Longstocking). Its a nightmare. Oh to find oneself in category beloved of fashion writers. Yet modern day dressing offers some hope of self expression and versatile pieces to keep the spending down. It’s true my wardrobe is full to the brim with clothes; I wear some more than others but I love the diversity it affords me and I do use them all. But less is more when you’d rather save your money, and be more sustainable with your clothes purchases.

One aspect of fashion I do shy away from these days is fashion trends. Although I did fully embrace the cold shoulder look with 2 items, when you’ve got good shoulders, flaunt ’em. But the key for me now is pieces that have longevity. My question to self, when embarking on a purchase, used to be ‘would x wear this?’ For x interject Jackie O, Katharine Hepburn, Emmanuelle Alt and Sophia Loren! Now, my first thought is ‘will I still be wearing this at 80!’ I’m tired of shopping but equally want a wardrobe I can wear with ease. I’ve got enough stripes and sparkly tops to last me until I’m 80, so that base is covered. Ditto white shirts. Oh hang it you can never have enough white tops in my world so this shirt from Toast has enough of a point of difference to my others and meets the wear at 80 criteria.


Cotton Khadi Shirt £89.00 Toast

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