Dream skin


It’s not often you get to nourish your skin and sleep like a baby. In fact if you’d told me I’d be out for zzzzz’s with ease from just slapping on some cream, I would have rolled my eyes. A lot!

Yet, after 3 days (yes 3 days) of smoothing cream onto my arms, only my arms so far, every night has found me in the land of nod before you can say it. My skin feels better as well. I’m going to see what one month of application does.

I came across this product thisworks® sleep + dream body through a recommendation by a friend. The skincare company thisworks®  is dedicated to high performing skincare with minimal unnecessary chemicals added to their products. Always a joy to my skin to know this.

My beauty products are almost always bought from Victoria Health. The recent launch of marvellous price friendly The Ordinary, has my skin glowing and my bank balance happy – what’s not to like!

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