Choosing Health and Fitness

There is no easy option when you wake up to bad habits, indulgence and modern day rewarding. The bad habits, indulgence and reward culture are the crux of a malaise. Eating processed food, having a cake because ‘you deserve it’ and general snacking is something we probably do without a second thought. Yet we conversely know this is also our undoing. We google endlessly for weight loss solutions, super foods and short cuts when it comes to exercise. When the lightbulb moment arrives you have a choice – to do or not to do!

I choose do. Do something about my middle age spread, my ridiculous faddy approach to food and the knowledge that something was wrong. In my case the something wrong is my autoimmune disease predilection resulting in being thought to be coeliac. It’s ok I don’t think it, well I do now after being to the doctors, but my GP thinks the indicators are highly likely. Hence I am being put through blood tests and an endoscopy. Meanwhile I’m hell bent on #katedoesfitness – a mix of exercise and a gluten free diet. I will have to have a six week period where I eat the equivalent of 4 slices of bread a day before the endoscopy but in the meantime I’m staying away from the stuff. And I actually feel 150% better. Without going into details, my symptoms are going or gone and I can’t believe how different I feel.



So here is middle age spread person on Day 1 of fitness and diet – I’ve used Jeannette Hyde’s The Gut Makeover as my tool/prop.  It has been a fantastic source of information and recipe inspiration. My fitness is all done outdoors or at home as have no time or inclination to go to the gym. One, I don’t really want to pay for one and two, I don’t want to have to drive to one when I can walk or run instead. I do some yoga (following apps) and resistance training with weights and my own body. My goal is to be able to chin ups and press ups properly by the end of the year. Ideally before then but that is my goal


The Bible!

On my Instagram feed there is a lot of images of toil and endeavour and food!


I will master this chin up business!


Blitzing greens


Banana Nut Breakfast loaf – my favourite and you can also add blueberries to it for variety


The Gut Makeover Bread – a moderation choice as it is packed full of nuts and seeds but I find it perfect to take for lunch on a busy working day as keeps me fuelled up and full. In a few weeks I will be posting the horrendous before photo I took, which will hopefully be accompanied by an improvement photo. We will see! However, if nothing else it is enough to be making progress and sharing it all.

Let me know about your health choices and goals.

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