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There is something about sneaking out of an afternoon and heading into town to stay at a hotel. Being asked did you have a pleasant  journey, upon arrival at reception, highlighted the indulgence of nipping out to repose at a 5 start hotel.


Yet the dramatic and stylish interior of the ME, London hotel positioned in an island at the end of the Strand, offers a haven away from the humdrum of every day life. As a native. As a tourist it is perfectly positioned for Covent Garden and theatre going. It offers a modern, fresh look associated with Barcelona and other avant garde European cities. The ME, London is the perfect antidote to classic traditional opulence of say Claridges.

This modernity does provide a different angle to London and the stylish aspect of the rooms and suites is clearly reflected of the design work of architects Foster + Partners. Although I did actualy not now how to use certain things or find a few lights switches!

The most pleasurable aspect of using the room was sitting with a magazine on the floor in the floor to ceiling window overhanging the road below. It seemed exciting and relaxing in one. The beauty of being still in an urban environment.





The purpose of my stay was to catch up with some girlfriends and consequently we did not leave the ME. Instead we traversed from our rooms to while away the late afternoon in the Marconi bar, then back to the room to change for dinner and down to dinner in STK.

Of course we then ended our evening at the Radio Rooftop bar with some cocktails and dancing. Which was slightly foolish as I really didn’t do justice to the gorgeous Cucina Asellina the following morning. The breakfast selection was as stunning as the setting. I was a tad fragile through no fault but my own. Which was ultimately the great aspect of my stay. One hotel could provide me an all round experience without setting foot outside. It was the perfect venue for a meet with friends and the setting, the service all added to a refreshing occasion in a stand out London hotel.

Kate Battrick stayed at the ME, London with friends, all arranged with preferential rates by Travel Counsellor Olivia Posca in 2016 

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